Scientific Paper Review


Who We Are

Scientific Paper Review (SPR) is a company in which we review manuscripts/papers/ presentations for correct English spelling and grammar as well as proper use of English words. All of us have extensive experience in reviewing manuscripts for the American Chemical Society (ACS) journals, and we have seen numerous manuscripts which were severely hampered by the lack of proper English. We have seen many potentially good papers, not get accepted largely due to the lack of proper English. After seeing this issue we have decided to create a company to help authors improve their scientific English so their papers can get accepted in high impact journals. All of our reviewers are from native English speaking countries and have reviewed a minimum of 15 ACS manuscripts.

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At SPR we will review your work (e.g. journal manuscript/proposal/thesis etc.) to verify proper English. We will mark any areas where we believe there is improper English. To the best of our abilities we will also change the wording of your work so that it conforms to proper English. Having a strong scientific background allows us to understand the material much better than a standard translation company. We take great pride in our reviewing standards and will not compromise them in fields in which we are not experts. For this reason we will only accept works in the following fields:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

How It Works

You submit the work for a preliminary review using the panel on the left. This work is submitted in confidentiality and will not be distributed to anyone, but the reviewer.The reviewer will verify that the paper is in a field of our expertise. They will then send an invoice with the cost for reviewing the work based on word count. Our pricing structure is located on the panel to the left.

If you want the paper reviewed pay the invoice. If you do not want the review, do not pay the invoice.(We use Paypal as our payment method because all major credit cards are accepted. If you do not have a Paypal membership you can sign up and make a payment write my essay online usually in less than 10 minutes.This site is in Chinese, French, Spanish as well as English.)

Within 10 days of payment we will have the works reviewed unless otherwise noted on the invoice. (Works such as PhD Thesis may take longer, but the exact time will be noted on the preliminary review.) We will send you an e-mail with 2 documents. The 1st document is the initial work with the improper English highlighted and the 2nd document is with the improper English corrected.