Grants for Older Students

Grants for Older Students

Are you an adult interested in going back to school? As you know, just because you are older does not mean you have an unlimited supply of money. Even if you are “well off” you should still search for grants for older students.

There is no denying that grants for non-traditional students are less common. However, these are still available.

With more and more adults going back to school, older student college grants are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. If you are ready to dig deep and search far and wide, you should be able to find a few grants that can help pay for your education.

Find College Grants for Older Students

Where are you going to search for college grants for older students? The most obvious method is online. By using the internet, you can quickly learn more about grants and other forms of financial aid.

Federal Grants for Adult Students

Regardless of age, as an undergraduate student you may qualify for a federal grant. These are awarded based on financial need.

Upon completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) your eligibility is determined by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). If your income is low enough you may qualify for a Federal Pell Grant or FSEOG Grant (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant).

Institutional Grants for Older Students

Many schools have grants and scholarships designed particularly for older students. Does this pertain to the college you are attending? You will never know until you speak with a representative in the financial aid department.

As noted above, the number of non-traditional students is on the rise. Most institutional grants are awarded on a “first come first serve” basis, so you want to apply for these as soon as possible.

Grants for Older College Students – Be Persistent

As an older college student you may not have as many opportunities to receive financial aid. This does not mean you are completely out of luck, though. Even if you don’t receive a grant, you owe it to yourself to be as persistent as possible during the search process.

Don’t be shy about applying for federal grants, institutional grants, and those from public and private third party organizations and businesses.

You have been waiting a long time to receive a degree. With the help of grants for older students it is much easier to fund your education.

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